Camarillo Cupcake Bakes It’s Way to Ventura County!

Camarillo Cupcake bakes it’s way to Ventura County!

Camarillo Cupcake knows that whether it’s vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet, indulging in a yummy cupcake is always nostalgic. Unfortunately, with schedules becoming busier, finding time to bake your own sweet treats are rare. Imagine having a cute little “mom-and-pop” cupcake shop right in town where you can get a freshly made cupcake to not only please your taste buds, but bring you back to your childhood…

Camarillo Cupcake is the perfect place to stop by to fix your sweet tooth. Camarillo Cupcake is located at 389 Carmen Drive, Camarillo within the Carmen Plaza Shopping Center. It is fairly easy to spot out with its bright turquoise storefront lettering.

Camarillo Cupcake it is a very nice, clean, crisp, “Pinterest-like” cupcake shop. The first thing you see upon entering is a display of delicious cupcakes behind a glass divider. There is a rustic wooden menu on the wall that lists the names of all the available cupcake flavors, pricing, and drinks (Fun Fact: the interior was actually a family project – the entire family pitched in and made homemade pieces to bring this cupcake shop to life.)

Everyday, there are a total of nine different flavored cupcakes and one special treat, like a cake-pop or pavlova. Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate, Red Velvet, and a gluten-free chocolate or vanilla (depending upon the day) are house flavors that one could expect to see everyday (unless sold out) but the remaining four flavors change every Thursday. One week you might find: Pistachio, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Pina Colada, and Banana. Another week you might find: Root Beer, Black Licorice, Orange Creamsicle, or Snickers – you’ll just have to pop in every week to find out! An awesome plus about Camarillo Cupcake is that they always have a gluten free treat on hand.

The Lemon cupcake is absolutely scrumptious, the cake was moist the lemon flavor was present and the creamy cream cheese frosting with lemon zest paired perfectly. The Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate frosting offered rich chocolate flavors without being too overpowering and the frosting alone was so good we could have eaten a few spoonfuls by itself. The Red Velvet cupcake had a sweet surprise inside, little chocolate chips! Overall, the Red Velvet cupcake was a solid choice and the cream cheese frosting was the perfect touch to balance the sweetness.

Camarillo Cupcake is not just a great place to stop by for a sweet treat, but also a great place to order cupcakes for any special occasion. The next time you find yourself craving a sweet little treat or in need of a sweet treat for a special event, give Camarillo Cupcake a try. Happiness is only a cupcake away!

Price: $
Best time to go: Afternoon
Hours: Closed Mon; 11am-7pm Tues-Sat; 11am-5pm Sun
Duration: 3 min – 15 min
Kid Friendly: Yes
Maximize Experience: Try their best seller, the Lemon cupcake


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