Ambrosia by Caffrodite

Ambrosia by Caffrodite – the healthy addition to Main Street.

Imagine a quaint cafe on Main street who offers a variety of delicious meals and treats. A vibrant exterior prompts passerby’s to enter and truly have a “cosmic” experience…

Ambrosia by Caffrodite is located at 1987 E Main Street, with very limited street parking. Tip: Make sure to park in the adjacent lot just one-block away!

Upon entering, you will be greeted by welcoming baristas, and the owner, Christine, that is always close by. The baristas and staff ensure that everything is hand-made and just as delicious as the last. Their locally-roasted caffeine creations are inspired by non-conventional flavors. Featuring Cosmic Coffee, you’ll surely enjoy their line of floral lattes, or choices for milk and milk substitutes. Besides coffee, their menu consists of enticing vegetarian and vegan offerings, juices, and vegan confections that pair perfectly with an oat-milk rose latte, for example. Mostly everything is either organic, gluten free, or both. There are no limits to the unique combinations that await you at Ambrosia!

Ambrosia’s crowds disperse into the day, so the best time to arrive is mid-morning to early afternoon.The cozy interior offers plenty of seating and plenty of WiFi. This spot is great for catching up with loved ones over a cappuccino or any college student trying to stay caffeinated. Ambrosia is perfect for everyone who wants a colorful start to their day, as they support local artists and display pieces available for sale.

Community means everything to this cafe, and they realize that there are implications surrounding current on-the-run coffee means. They strive to have a “minimal” waste practice, where the only plastic provided is their recyclable hot-coffee lids. You may add a glass mason jar to any coffee order for only 1$, or they supply mugs and tumblers for you to purchase in-house. Tip: They’ll fill up your own mug or tumbler you bring in.

Ambrosia offers a multitude of tasty treats and luscious lattes that complement the cosmic vibe of this cafe. Their conservation efforts dictate a modern approach to minimizing waste while still maintaining ease and convenience.

Come alone, ponder the universe, or bring a friend and divulge into the afternoon with nothing but hand-crafted coffee and juice, all while staying in Ventura.

Price: $
Best time to go: Mid-morning
Hours: 7am -3pm everyday (except closed Tuesdays)
Duration: 10 min – 1 hour 
Kid Friendly: Yes
Maximize Experience: Try the Oat or Cashew milk in your coffee.

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