Rolling Pin Donuts in Camarillo

Rolling Pin Donuts: Freshly Made for Your Late Night Craving

Rolling Pin is notorious for their all night hours. Out from a long night? Insomnia kicking in? Trying to get a kick start on the early morning? After midnight, you’ll be comforted to know you’re not the only one haunted by late night sugar cravings – Locals are standing and waiting eagerly for their freshly baked goods as well! Whatever the excuse, opt in for Rolling Pin Donuts in Camarillo.

Rolling Pin isn’t your typical donut shop, there is no entrance, only an order window. The display case is mouth-watering, so be prepared for some serious donut-decisions! Some popular fan favorites include apple fritters, maple bars, and tiger tails. However, you can’t go wrong with a regular glazed or sprinkled donuts. They even have muffins and other baked goods that will pair well with their coffee, tea, and juice selection.

You can park in a small lot adjacent to the shop, or ride your bike. You’ll find plenty of cyclists and pedestrians make a pit stop here and enjoy their breakfast at the outdoor tables.

Watch the employees in the back as they whip up more donuts, it plays into the authenticity of Rolling Pin and assures you the freshest and warmest donuts. You can surely taste the freshness with the airiness and warm glaze of the donut. Some go to Rolling Pin for the donuts, some go for the experience. Whatever your excuse – it’s seriously delicious!

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