The Hype About Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream makes its debut to Ventura County! With booming locations in Los Angeles, VC finally gets it’s sweet offerings of Ice Cream – In a Milky Bun! Afters Ice Cream isn’t your typical Vanilla-and-Chocolate-sundae-type of ice cream…the creative team behind Afters turned a simple ice cream shop into a lifestyle, establishing the motto “The Anti-Diet Diet Club,” and you’ll see why…

Afters Ice Cream is not like your typical colorful ice cream parlor- it was created with as a  sleek storefront: coated in grey, white, and black staple design colors. The decor is very minimal, because the ice cream does all the popping. If you get a sweet tooth after 9 p.m, be prepared to wait in line because not only is this place popular, but it is still fairly new at The Collection in Oxnard.

With flavors like Cookie Monster, Jasmine Milk Tea, French Toast Churro, and Milk and Cereal deciding which flavor to pick will take you far longer than eating the ice cream will. Thankfully, you can always try a spoonful of whichever flavors you are stuck between to help solidify your choice. After scrutinizing each flavor (as an ice cream connoisseur should,) we decided to get a scoop of Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster is the epitome of the Sesame Street character- with its bright blue color and cookies mixed in. Once you pick your ice cream flavor you have the choice of putting it in the typical cup or cone, or if you are feeling ambitious, ask for your flavor in their famous Milky Bun; One topping and your ice cream flavor, all cushioned in a warm donut.

If deciding which ice cream to pick and what to put it in wasn’t hard enough, well now you have a large selection of toppings to pick from. From all of your favorite cereal and candy, your inner child will scream. Since cookies were already in the Cookie Monster ice cream, we decided to add Fruity Pebbles cereal. Overall, the ice cream was very creamy, full of flavor, and with cookie pieces in every bite. Who could complain about that?

This ice cream shop is the perfect place for the whole family because there is bound to be a flavor for everyone. If you find yourself so in love with Afters, take a look at their back wall where they sell Afters merchandise and take a souvenir home. In order to beat the traffic at The Collection, and any excessive lines, arrive early. Once you get your ice cream, take a seat in the bustling Annex and enjoy your sweet treat.

Price: $
Best time to go: Afternoon, late night
Hours: 12:00 p.m – 12:00 a.m. (Mon-Sun)
Duration: 5 min – 15 min
Kid Friendly: Yes
Maximize Experience: Put your ice cream in a Milky bun!


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