Coastal Cone: Ice Cream and Burgers

Coastal Cone and The Parlor in Ventura Harbor

Coastal Cone knows that ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly; which is the reason they created the largest flavor selection for the West Coast. Since 1983, this family-run shop has been a staple to the Ventura County Harbor Village..

If you take a stroll along the Harbor, you’ll be greeted by a large ice cream cone sculpture. Since Coastal Cone is inside the Ventura Harbor Village where multiple restaurants and shops are also located, parking can get a little tricky on weekends especially during the summer. Plan on arriving to the harbor during the early afternoon in order to bypass full parking lots. The harbor is perfect for enjoying beachfront shops and attractions on your way to Coastal Cone, or The Parlor. Coastal Cone and The Parlor attract a wide variety of customers, from locals to international tourists, this is a great place to come alone, on a date, or with the family.

Not only can you get a delicious ice cream treat from Coastal Cone, but you can also go next door to The Parlor (also maintained by Coastal Cone) to grab lunch. The decor at Coastal Cone gives off an old-school ice cream shop vibe, which is great to rekindle some childhood memories or show the younger members of your family what a classic, non-franchise ice cream shop looks like. The decor at The Parlor is very simple as well, with just a few tables inside and outside the front patio. There are two glass displays on either side of the store that display ice cream memorabilia. Although the decor may not be the initial reason why you go into The Parlor, the taste of their burgers sure will.

Making a cheeseburger is easy; making a cheeseburger that stands out from the rest is hard. The Parlor’s burger definitely stand out. The burgers are presented in a Picture-worthy way; wrapped in a classic red and white checkered wrapper, with all ingredients peeking through. The cheeseburgers are juicy filled with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions and sauce. The bun is toasted and seasoned so every bite is filled with buttery goodness. Overall, this is a burger that will leave you pleased.

One of the most unique things about Coastal Cone is that it is the only place in Ventura County that offers the famous “Taiyaki Waffle Cone.” With over forty flavors, compliant with vegan, dairy free, no sugar added, to gluten free, there is something for everyone. Try their famous Taiyaki waffle cone with strawberry, nutella, or chocolate filling. Then, fill with either soft serve or any flavor of ice cream, adorned with your choice of 2 toppings.

Coastal cone is notorious for their Matcha, and Dole whip soft serve. The sweetness from the ice cream marries perfectly with the whimsical, waffle-like Taiyaki cone. Taiyaki is crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, just like a Belgium waffle.

Rain or Shine, head on over to The Parlor or Coastal Cone, after all we did give you the inside scoop….

Price: $
Best time to go: Afternoon
Hours: Open Daily 8am-9:30pm (Coastal Cone)
Open Daily 8am-7pm (The Parlor)
Duration: 10 min – 15 min
Kid Friendly: Yes

Maximize Experience:
1. Grab lunch at the iconic Andrea’s Fish and Chip Shop on Wednesday and receive a wooden nickel that will count towards 50 cents off the dessert of each person in your party at Coastal Cone.
2. Check out their Instagram page ahead of time, find your favorite picture and show one of the employees when ordering and they will recreate that cone for you.


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